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    • chawake

      There are mention of the shorcodes for ranks on the documentation, but they are not documented. There are also a dead link to demo in the forum… so where can i check this shortcodes?

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      Sorry about the lack of documentation on the shortcodes. We are in the process of updating the documentation with all of the new features we’ve added recently, and the shortcodes are a huge part of that update.

      Here’s the info on the current shortcodes available in the Ranks add-on:


      Display the Current Rank of the affiliate viewing the page. (Affiliate must be logged-in)

      [affiliate_rank affiliate_id=”1″]

      Display the Current Rank for a specific affiliate.

      [affiliate_rank affiliate_id=”1″ state=”next”]

      Display the Next Rank a specific affiliate will earn. (Performance Bonuses Integration)

      [affiliate_rank affiliate_id=”1″ state=”last”]

      Display the Last Rank a specific affiliate has earned.

      [affiliate_rank affiliate_id=”1″ show=”table”]

      Display the Current, Next, and Last Rank for a specific affiliate.

      [affiliate_rank_content rank_id=”7854″]Protected Content Goes Here[/affiliate_rank_content]

      Display content only to affiliates who have earned a specific rank.

      [affiliate_rank_content rank_id=”7854″]Only Rank 4 Affiliates Can See This Text[/affiliate_rank_content]

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