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    • pexgle


      What is the shortcodes to display on other area – (Not only on affiliate Area)

    • Christian Freeman


      If you’re saying that you want to use a shortcode to display the Affiliate’s Bonuses, like the Bonuses Tab of the Affiliate Area, you can use the Affiliate Area shortcodes plugin, along with the shortcode below:


    • zachkinsey

      Your code works perfect!

      Much thanks.

      However, your plugin still conflicts with the core plugin and their new Payouts Service as shown here: https://youtu.be/D6IWMSpVbX0

      If you could resolve this jquery conflict, that’d be great!

      Until then, I’m unable to use your plugin since it stops Affiliate’s from being able to register with the AffiliateWP Payouts service.

    • zachkinsey

      hmm, I posted this in the wrong area <_<.

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