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    • artgma

      Hi there,

      Whenever someone places an order on my site, I receive 15 different e-mails about having received a commission, and something like 12 of them are all for $0. This is also recorded in my database, which adds a ton of clutter when I want to view my referrals in the admin panel.

      Related to this, it seems as a top-tier affiliate, I’m also receiving the commissions that apply to the people who would otherwise be above me (perhaps that’s what all 15 levels are?).

      Here’s what I need to figure out:

      (1) Is there a way to have commissions paid only to the person intended (In other words, people at the top level do not receive commissions that would otherwise go to people above them if such people existed).

      (2) Is there a way to ensure that $0 commissions are ignored in the system so that they’re not recorded?


    • Christian Freeman

      Hi Art, and I apologize for the delay.

      Allow me to address your questions below:

      1) Do you mean like a “Pass Up” plan? If so, this is possible, but not with the current version of the MLM plugin. I would have to develop a custom feature for you to do this. If you could provide me with more information on how you plan to setup your system, I can give you more info. on how to best implement it.

      2) Yes, you can enable the “Ignore Zero Dollar Commissions” setting in Affiliates > Settings > Misc. However, I don’t recommend doing this, because the MLM system needs to generate an Indirect Referral Commission for Level 1, in order to generate one for Level 2. Is you main goal to hide these $0 commissions from your affiliates, or to stop them/yourself from receiving new referral emails for $0 commissions?

    • Marty

      I would like to hide all the $0 referrals from my affiliates and in the referrals page of the backside too. It’s a ton of clutter. It generates through the whole downline, even though I have only three levels, with $0 referrals and activates emails of $0 referrals.

    • Marty

      My goal is to hide these $0 commissions from my affiliates AND to stop them from receiving new referral emails for $0 commissions.

    • Marty

      I have enabled the “Ignore Zero Dollar Commissions”. It still generates $0 referrals.

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