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  • sinderking


    – I have set the forced matrix to be : 3 x 8 however, I didn’t define the total depth
    – I have set all users to spill-over to my affiliate ID so all new sign-ups will be under me.
    – Again the forced matrix is 3 x 8 but no total depth … so what happens if my matrix is full but users are still set to assign to be under me? What will happens to all additional new users when my matrix is full?
    – or this will create level 9 matrix under me?? (Meaning these level 9 is basically level 1 and the level 8 themselves are level 0 but everyone (both 8 and 9) are under me and nobody is being thrown out of my matrix?

    Thanks, This is the only point I need some clarification.


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Raymond,

    In a Forced Matrix Structure, all new non-referred affiliates will Spillover into the Downline of the Default Affiliate (You in this case). So, once your Personal Matrix is full, the new affiliates will still be assigned to someone else in the Downline. So, no affiliate will exist outside of the Matrix.

    The important thing to remember is that the 3 x 8 Structure applies to each Parent Affiliate’s Personal Matrix (When Total Depth is Disabled). So, every affiliate can have a Downline of 3 x 8.

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