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    • Larry

      I set up the rank plug in and it made all my current affiliate the highest level. I am trying to change the affiliate to the correct level and when I save the info it reverts back to the highest level again. Also, I am using the lifetime referral plug in as I like the new customers to stay associated with the affiliate no matter how they get back into the program. How should I set up the lifetime rate and lifetime referral type if I want the rank system to take priority on the payment to affiliates and their downline?

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi Larry,

      If you want to use the Per-Rank Rates, disable the Lifetime Rates so that they won’t override the Rank Rates.

      And when you’re trying to manually change the affiliate’s rank on the Edit Affiliate screen, are you saying that the Rank won’t update after you change it and save the settings?

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