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    • kudaratskincare

      Okay, now to tackle setting up the Bonuses. And, sorry for the 30 million questions but I want to get it right.

      So, I want to be able to pay out bonuses based on the sum of total commission value that a person makes. So in other words, whatever their dollar amount commission is plus that of what their team makes.

      I want 4 bonus levels as follows:
      $250-$1500 commission = $50 bonus
      $1501-$3000 commission = $150 bonus
      $3001-$5000 commission = $300 bonus
      $5001+ commission = $500 bonus

      Please see the attached image that shows how I have set it up…

      Also, of course, to complicate it, I want them to make the bonus for each level that they hit. So, if a person hits the 4th level, they would get $500 + $300 + $150 +50. Is there a way to do this?

      It really is confusing to me to get this set up…

      Thanks for your help,

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    • Christian Freeman

      Sorry for the delay Wendi,

      It sounds like you want to setup your Bonuses based on Earnings, which is what you’ve done. However, the Bonus Requirement field doesn’t accept a Range, you have to put in the minimum amount required to earn that particular Bonus. So, it should look like this:

      Bronze = 250
      Silver = 1501
      Gold = 3001
      Platinum = 5001

      The system will automatically award them the bonus commission as soon as they reach the Earnings goals that you set. So for example, if an affiliate suddenly made $3001 in commissions, they would earn the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Bonuses all at once. The only thing is, it will only calculate whether they qualify for the Bonus based on their own individual Earnings. It doesn’t take into account the Earnings of their entire Team/Downline. However, if this is a feature that you really need, I do offer custom development services, and I could certainly build this special Bonus Type for you.

      Also, you can set the Integration field for each of those Bonuses back to an empty value. You only need to set that if you are trying to use the Product Sales Bonus Type. And this is just for selling X number of a certain product that you set (Via it’s Product ID) in the Product field.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

    • kudaratskincare

      Thank you so so much!


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