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    • J S

      Hello, apologies if this was resolved elsewhere and I missed it. I have seen a number of related posts but most seem to have the resolution occur over email.

      I have a fixed two-level setup with a default (AffiliateWP) rate of 10%. I would like a first level affiliate to receive 10% of the purchase price if their coupon code is used, and this works great currently. I would like a second level affiliate to receive 6% and the first level affiliate (their parent affiliate) to receive 4%. Currently the parent affiliate is indeed receiving the 4% but the second level affiliate is receiving 10% instead of 6%. I’m sure I’ve misconfigured something and would appreciate some help.

      I’ve attached a screenshot of where I think my error is, but I do not understand what they should be. I am running WordPress 5.6.1, Woocomerce 4.9.2, AffiliateWP, and AffiliateWP MLM 1.1.5.

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    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      I’m not 100% sure if we resolved this via email already, but I’ll respond here, just to be sure.

      When calculating commissions with MLM, it’s best to look at it as Direct and Indirect Referral Commissions. Direct commissions are for sales referred by the affiliate themselves, and Indirect Commissions go to the Parent Affiliate of the affiliate who directly referred the sale.

      From what I can see of your settings, you have it configured properly. What is your Depth in the MLM tab? And do you have any other AffiliateWP add-ons active that may be adjusting the Indirect Rate for Level 2?

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