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    • Marty


      We have tried several things to get our ranks process working properly without any luck. We have read through the documentation and still are unable to get it right. Please assist us with it sir.

      1. All new affiliates should start out with the rank ‘Affiliate’

      2. As affiliates earn specific $ amounts in referral commissions, they should advance through the Ranks accodingly:
      a. Rank advance to a ‘Qualified Affiliate’ when they have earned $100 in commissions
      b. Rank advance to a ‘Director’ when they have earned a total of $500 (this includes the initial $100 that got them to the rank of ‘Qualified Affiliate’.
      c. Rank advance to a ‘Regional Director’ when they have earned a total of $1000 (this includes the initial $500 that got them to the rank of ‘Director’.

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi Marty,

      This sounds simple enough.

      1) Create 4 Ranks:
      Qualified Affiliate
      Regional Director

      2) Set the “Affiliate” rank to the Category Rank Mode, with no requirements. Then, set it as the Default Rank to assign it to all new affiliates.

      3) Create your other 3 Ranks using the Level Rank Mode. And don’t forget to set the Order number for each one. (Ex. 1 Qualified Affiliate, 2 Director, 3 Regional Director)

      4) Set all 3 Ranks to the Earnings Rank Type, and set the amount you expect them to earn in the Requirement field for each Rank. (Ex. 100 to require $100 in earnings to reach the Qualified Affiliate Rank)

      5) Finally, in the Bonuses tab of the AffiliateWP Settings, you choose how you’d like to calculate Earnings for your affiliates (Paid Earnings, Unpaid Earnings, or Total Earnings = Paid and Unpaid).

      And that’s it.

    • Marty

      Thank you…. We had that setup already as you described. However, we want the rank advancements to trigger automatically. Therefore, how should we have the Bonuses setup to make that happen?

      What should be in the Type, Requirement, Prerequisite and amount setting if we want people to automatically advance from a ‘Affiliate’ to a ‘Director’ when they have earned $100 in referral commissions?

    • Christian Freeman

      You don’t need to create any Bonuses for rank assignment to occur automatically. You only need to setup the earnings calculation settings as I’ve described above.

      Then, when an affiliate earns the required amount, their rank will change on it’s own. If you use Paid Earnings, the affiliate’s referrals must be mark as paid in order for it to count towards the goal.

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