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  • kudaratskincare

    Hey there! I want to make sure I’m setting up the MLM correctly for what I am trying to accomplish.
    I want to be able to have unlimited width with 5 levels deep.
    This is what I’ve done but want to make sure it is correct:
    Upline Basis: Parent
    Sub Affiliate Referrals: box is checked
    Forced Matrix: NOT checked
    Initial Width: 0 (I left it at 0 but don’t know what this should be)
    Depth: 5
    Extra Branches: 0
    Cycles: 1
    Total Depth: box is checked

    Now, under Rate Settings, I’ve set it up like this:
    Indirect Referral Rate: 0
    Per Level Rates:
    Level 1 5%
    Level 2 4%
    Level 3 3%
    Level 4 2%
    Level 5 1%

    So, does this mean that the parent will get commission rates of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1% for each level under them?
    Also, for the parent, 20% commission on their own sales is the starting rate for them. Where do I specify that? Also, if I add the Tiered Rates add-on, will this allow we to give different commissions of 20,25, 30 and 35% based on personal sales?

    I know this is a lot! I just want to get this right and understand what I am doing!

  • Christian Freeman

    Hey Wendi,

    Allow me to address your current settings below:

    The Sub Affiliate Referrals feature only needs to be enabled if you want to award a commission just for referring new Sub Affiliates (Not product/membership sales like the integrations). So if you don’t want this functionality, I would leave this unchecked.

    Everything else is fine with your Structure/Matrix settings, just keep in mind that each “Level” represents a Level of Sub Affiliates. So, if your Depth is set to 5, each Parent Affiliate can have 5 Levels of Sub Affiliates below them. And yes, each of the the Per-Level Rates are awarded to the Parent Affiliate, based on which Level the Sub Affiliate that referred the sale is on.

    Your Direct Referral Rate of 20% should be set in Affiliates > Settings > General.

    Regarding Tiered Rates, yes it will allow you to award higher commission rates for Direct Referrals based on their personal sales (Referrals) numbers. However, if you want the ability to change the Per-Level Rates in the same way, the Tiered Rates plugin cannot do this. You’ll need our AffiliateWP Ranks and AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses add-on to create different Levels or Types of Affiliates, each with their own set of commissions. And these two plugins work together to automatically promote your affiliates from one level (Rank) to another based on the performance goals that you set (X number of Referrals, X Amount of Earnings, X Number of Sub Affiliates, etc.). For Example:

    Silver Affiliate (Rank)
    Direct = 15%
    Indirect = 5% [Level 1]
    Indirect = 4% [Level 2]
    Indirect = 3% [Level 3]
    Indirect = 2% [Level 4]
    Indirect = 1% [Level 5]

    Gold Affiliate (Rank)
    Direct = 20%
    Indirect = 10% [Level 1]
    Indirect = 5% [Level 2]
    Indirect = 4% [Level 3]
    Indirect = 2% [Level 4]
    Indirect = 1% [Level 5]

    Let me know if you have further questions about any this.

  • kudaratskincare

    Thank you so much! This helps a lot!
    NO doubt once I get those other 2 add-ons I’ll have more questions…


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