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      Hi there,

      we are currently running a WordPress(4.2.3) + WooCommerce(2.3.13) Install with following AffiliateWP (and related) plugins installed:

      AffiliateWP – Professional
      AffiliateWP MLM – affiliatewp-multi-level-marketing-1.0.4
      AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses – affiliatewp-performance-bonuses-1.0

      We currently have three products that are being sold in the store, where we would like to set three different commission rates. While we can do so in AffiliateWP itself, AffiliateWP MLM seems to currently not support a per product feature. We are wondering if there is a method to currently make that work or if you have an ETA on that feature?

      Also, AffiliateWP MLM seems to only support definite commission rates that need to be completely set again if the overall percentage of commission assigned changes. Is there a method of changing the affiliate rates to relative rates ( as in adapting to the overall commission rate)? If so, how can that be done? If there is currently no such possibility, is it a planned feature and does an ETA for that feature exist?

      I thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Christian Freeman

      Greetings Erwin,

      At the moment, you can set different commission rates per product, but only for Direct Referrals. All Indirect Referrals made by Sub Affiliate sales, use the global Per Level Rate settings.

      The Per Product Level Rates feature is in development now, but it’s not yet ready for release. I’m now working with Andrew and Pippin (AffiliateWP founders) to add support for Per Product Rates across most, if not all existing core integrations (Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, ), and this is necessary before I can finish Per Product Level Rates in MLM.

      The good news is, version 1.7 AffiliateWP, which will include these necessary updates, is 25% complete now. I don’t have a concrete ETA for when it will be released, but based on the current rate of development, it looks like 1.7 will be ready some time between late August and mid September. And you can expect my development of the Per Level Product Rates feature to coincide with that schedule.

      I do have plans for a Dynamic Commission Rates feature on my Development Roadmap. Basically, this feature will allow you to set the commission rate for Indirect Referrals Commissions based on the commission amount of the Direct Affiliate. I don’t have an ETA for this feature yet, but I can say that MLM integration for Easy Digital Downloads, Per Level Affiliate Rates, and Per Level Product Rates will be implemented beforehand.

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