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  • rabo

    Hi everybody,
    I have several presale questions:

    1) I want to know if the AffilateWP MLM Plugin offers the possibility for members who invited sucsessfully other members to see the members they invited and how much they sold, in some kind of personal area. My ideal solution goes like this:

    a) Every affilate has a personal area in his woocommerce shop where he can change his personal data like e. g. his adress. In best case in that area he can also see the number of affilates that he brought into the system and how much they sold.

    b) In the second best case he can see this information somewhere else.

    Which solution does your plugin offer out of the box? If it is b): Is there any possibility to move that information into the personal area of the Woo-Shop?

    2) How are new affilates tied to existing members? Lets say, I am in the system and I find somebody who sells for me. How does it work that this new person is tied to me and I receive a percentage of the things he sells?

    The ideal solution for me goes like that: New members have to registrate in the woocommerce-Shop. During the process of registration the licence-number of the member that brought the new one into the system is asked. Does it work like that or is there another solution for that toopic?

    Thank you!

  • rabo

    Sorry, I cannot see any editing-possibility. therefore i have to ask a new question.

    I need to know how open your plugin is to modifications. Is modifying the plugin something you support actively by offering hooks for develoers or is that complicated? I will have to make a couple of modifications, cause I do not believe that my whiches are supported without modifications. Is that easily possible or is that difficult?

    Thank you!

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Raphael,

    And thank you for your interest in our AffiliateWP MLM add-on! Allow me to address your questions below:

    1) There is a Sub Affiliates list (a list of affiliates that the current affiliate has referred) which gets added to the Affiliate Area. The Affiliate Area is an entire dashboard that the core AffiliateWP plugin provides, giving each affiliate information on their affiliate account. MLM adds a Sub Affiliates Tab to this area.

    If using WooCommerce, you can enable a setting to show a link in the WooCommerce My Account area, which will link to their Affiliate Area. I believe it’s in the General Settings (Affiliates > Settings > General) or the Misc. settings (Affiliates > Settings > Misc).

    2) You can be connected to another affiliate in 2 ways:

    A) Automatically, when they click on your referral link and register to become an affiliate (Or become an affiliate automatically during checkout, by enabling the Auto Register New Users setting in the Misc settings of AffiliateWP).

    B) Manually, when you Edit an affiliate and choose the Parent and/or Direct Affiliate to connect them to. The Parent affiliate is always the affiliate that they are connected to in the Matrix, and the Direct Affiliate can optionally be a different affiliate in cases of “Spillover” (Forced Matrix), if they are referred by one affiliate, but connected to another one in their Downline.

    So, in either of these cases, you will receive Indirect Referral commissions once that Sub Affiliate refers a sale.

    2) If you want to require a referral or Invite in order to join your affiliate program, we do have an AffiliateWP Invites add-on which will add an Invite Code field, which the new affiliate must fill in order to become an affiliate. Besides the Invite Code field on the Affiliate Registration Form, this feature currently only integrates with Restrict Content Pro for Invite Only Memberships. However, if needed we could develop a WooCommerce integration for you, which would require the Invite Code in order to Purchase a Product and become an affiliate. We offer custom development services for situations like this.

    All of our plugins are designed to be expanded and built upon, so there are plenty of action hooks and filters included in their codebase. This is why we are able to successfully integrate all of our MLM add-ons with each other. When it comes to modifying the plugin files themselves, we don’t recommend this, because it’s not the best way to make changes that will not be erased in future updates. Plus, it’s not supported under our support policy. But you can definitely make adjustments via the included action hooks and filters. And, you also have the option to suggest adding action hooks or filters whever needed, and we will add them in.

    You can also find more information on how the MLM add-on works in the MLM Documentation.

    If you have any further questions, just let me know.

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