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  • bk2000

    Good afternoon.
    I just got the affiliate wp mlm add-on, but I’m not sure how to set it up correctly according these characteristics:

    Infinite wide
    3 referral levels

    Direct referral – 10% commission rate
    Level 1 – 7.5% commission rate
    Level 2 – 5% commission rate
    Level 3 – 2.5% % commission rate
    Next levels of the matrix – Don’t generate commission.

    Every upline parent affiliate must receive the corresponding level commission for all the next purchases a sub-affiliate makes.

    I configured the plugin as follow:

    Lifetime commisssions
    Enable For All Affiliates? -> Yes
    Enable Lifetime Referral Rates -> No. Site default
    Sync Lifetime Affiliate -> Referrer as lifetime affiliate (Actually I don’t understand the difference between all the options I can choose here)

    Default affiliate: 0
    Upline Basis: Referrer. Should Indirect Referrals be awarded to the Referrer or the Parent? What “awarded” does mean? The selected option will receive the commission and the referred user will be placed below him although it is a indirect referral?

    Forced Matrix -> No
    Initial Width -> 0
    Depth -> 3
    Level 1 – 7.5%
    Level 2 – 5%
    Level 3 – 2.5%
    Level 4 – 0

    Thanks for your time. I’ll be waiting for your response.

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  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    It looks like you have everything setup correctly according to your desired configuration (Unlimited Width, a Depth of 3, with Forced Matrix disabled). The only thing that I would change is, to delete Level 4 from your Per-Level Rate settings. Since you’re structure has a Depth of 3, it will only allow 3 Levels of Sub Affiliates for each Parent Affiliate. So, Level 4 will not apply anyway.

    You should keep the Upline Basis set to Parent (Default), to ensure that the Parent Affiliate that is connected to the Sub Affiliate receives the indirect commission. Actually, the Referrer (Direct Affiliate) and the Parent Affiliate are the same unless you enable Forced Matrix, and the person who referred the Sub Affiliate may not necessarily be the Parent Affiliate that the new Sub Affiliate is assigned to.

    You will also want to keep the Referrer as Lifetime Affiliate setting as it is. This ensures that the person that referred the Sub Affiliate, receives Lifetime Commissions on that Sub Affiliate. Again, you would only consider using the Parent as Lifetime option if you have Forced Matrix Enabled and you want to give the Parent Affiliate Lifetime Commissions instead of the Referrer.

  • bk2000

    Thanks for the information. I appreciate your guidance.

    I’d like to check if the plugin will work as follow according to the set up I made:

    L0 referres L1
    L1 referres L2
    L2 makes a purchase every week
    L1 gets the direct commission rate on every purchase L2 makes
    L0 gets the indirect commission rate on every purchase L2 makes

    Please let me know if I should change any option to get it done.

  • Christian Freeman

    If you only want to have 2 Levels of Sub Affiliates below the Direct Referring Affiliate, you should change your Depth to 2, and adjust your Per-Level Rates for only 2 Levels as well.

    L0 (Direct)
    L1 Level 1
    L2 Level 2

  • loveless

    Hi, for “Sync Lifetime Affiliate” what does ‘Lifetime Affiliate as the Referring’ option mean?

    I think I need Referrer as Lifetime Affiliate option but want to be sure.

    Tx Louis

  • loveless

    Hi Christian, where are you? There are a whole bunch of people asking questions including me! Do you not check your support forum daily? Bit concerned with this slowness…..

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Louis,

    Sorry for the delay. Regarding the Lifetime Affiliate Syncing setting, the Referrer as Lifetime Affiliate option means that the affiliate who referred the new affiliate (The Direct Affiliate) will be set as the new affiliate’s Lifetime Affiliate.

    If you want to allow the commissions to Spillover (In the case of a Forced Matrix structure), you should use Parent as Lifetime Affiliate. This will ensure that the Parent Affiliate that the new Sub Affiliate is assigned to, will be the one who receives the commissions for that affiliate’s purchases going forward.

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