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  • kjaal

    Hello, I have a question regarding the payouts of these indirect referrals.

    If an affiliate has a sub-affiliate, with an order for 100$ and the level 1 rate is set to 10%
    Does the primary affiliate receive the 10% immediately after the purchase has been made? Or is there some sort of requirement set, for the indirect referral money to be paid out?

    What I’m looking for, is a system where sub-affiliate referrals are meant as a “bonus” for the affiliate who signed them up, but not paid out immediately.

    Let’s say, John, signs up Susan as a sub-affiliate. Susan then goes on to get 3 people to buy something on the site. In this case, I don’t want John to get any money just for being the parent-affiliate to Susan. I would rather John is able to receive the parent-affiliate bonus after reaching a set number of sales/money himself.

    Is this possible with this add-on? Or with any bundle of add-ons promoted here?

    Thank you in advance

    – Oliver

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Oliver,

    And thank you for your interest in our AffiliateWP MLM add-ons!

    To answer your question, no, the Indirect Referral Commissions are not paid out immediately. Yes, the system does generate those Indirect Referrals at the same time as the Direct Referral, when the sale is processed. However, its up to you as Admin, to determine when you will Payout on those commissions that have been created.

    There is a way to create the setup you described. You would need to use MLM, Ranks, and Performance Bonuses to make this possible. Our Ranks add-on will enable you to create different Levels of Affiliates, each with their own commission rates. It also integrates with the Performance Tracking System of our Performance Bonuses add-on, allowing you to automatically assign a Rank automatically, when the affiliate reaches the performance goals that you set (X number of Referrals, X number of Sub Affiliates, X Amount of Earnings, etc.).

    So for example:

    Standard Affiliate
    Direct = 20%
    Indirect = 0% [Level 1]
    Indirect = 0% [Level 2]

    Bonus Rank
    Direct = 20%
    Indirect = 10% [Level 1]
    Indirect = 5% [Level 2]

    Then, you would set the “Bonus” Rank to require X amount of Referrals/Sales.

    That option is best if you want to award Indirect Referral Commissions based on the sale amount. Another, option, which is much simpler, would be to use Performance Bonuses to award a Flat Rate Bonus Commission, once they reach the goals you set. For example:

    Bonus 1 = $30
    Requirement = 10 Referrals

    Bonus 2 = $40
    Requirement = 20 Referrals

    So, to recap, the 1st option will prevent them from earning Indirect Referrals at all, until they earn the Bonus Rank, and the 2nd option will give them One-Time Bonuses with Flat Amounts, when they reach your goals. I would recommend option 1 if you want your Affiliates to earn Indirect Commissions on an ongoing basis, instead of the One-Time Bonus Commission discussed in option 2.

    All of these plugins (and more) are included in our Ultimate MLM Bundle, which is currently on sale for a limited time (Save 70%).

    We also offer a Plugin Installation and Setup Service, if you don’t want to deal with setting all of this up yourself. We can just take care of it for you.

    Let me know if you have any questions about all of this.

  • kjaal

    Hello Christian,

    Thank you for your detailed response, it is very helpful. We will proceed to buy the bundle you suggested.

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