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  • bodyspartan

    Hey guys!

    Trying to understand how ranks work compared to direct commissions and referral commissions. I have the direct referral rate set at 15%.

    I then have 9 levels under Per Level Rates for the MLM referrals. They range from 5% down to less than 1%.

    How do the rank commissions play into all this? If I enter a rate for the rank, does that overwrite the direct referral commission or add to it?

    Also, is there a way to combine personal (direct) sales with the number of affiliates in their down line in order to advance in ranks?

    Finally, kind of on the same topic as the last question, does the “requirement” field take into account all of their referral commissions too?


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  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Gabe,

    Sorry for the delay on this, I didn’t receive the notification for your post. This will be remedied soon as we are upgrading to an entirely new support system soon.

    The Per-Rank Rate and Rate Type that you see listed within the Row for each Rank is the Direct Referral Rate that applies to ALL affiliates with that particular Rank. So, it overrides the Direct Referral Rate and Rate Type set in Affiliates > Settings > General for those affiliates (15% in your case).

    So, if you want your affiliates to earn a different amount for sales that they refer themselves (Direct Referrals) based on their Rank, Yes, you would enter that commission Rate and Rate Type there.

    The Rank Type and Requirement fields only apply when you have the Performance Bonuses add-on active. The Performance Bonuses plugin has an advanced Performance Tracking system built-in, and it integrates with the Ranks plugin to allow you to Automatically Assign Ranks based on each affiliate’s performance (Number of Referrals, Amount of Earnings, Number of Sub Affiliates, Number of Cycles Completed, etc).

    There’s currently no Rank/Bonus Type based on Team Commissions or Team Earnings yet, but we plan to release this as a feature of our Team Commissions plugin. We don;t currently have an ETA for when this will be finished, but it is about 70% complete now.

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