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  • Alvin Gan

    1. A registers as affiliate, then A use own referral link to make product purchase, this will allow Lifetime Customer integration to link himself as his own lifetime customer
    – A gets lifetime referral for his own purchase
    2. A then sends his referral link to a new visitor B, new visitor B purchase product (while creating new customer account on checkout), Lifetime Customer integrates B as lifetime customer to A’s account
    – A gets lifetime referral for any purchases made by Customer B
    3. but then the customer B registers himself as affiliate (using his existing customer account/email), but he is still linked to A as his lifetime customer. because his email had been set to A in situation 2. now each time this Affiliate B purchased products using his own account, he cannot get his own lifetime referral. it will pass always be awarded to Affiliate A

    my question is : is there any options that can make any existing customer accounts who registers as affiliate, to have his own email set as his own lifetime customer. by unlinking any previous attachments automatically.

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Alvin,

    No, I don’t think so. Our MLM add-on has an integration with Lifetime Commissions which will enable you to press a button to Synchronize the Parent/Direct Affiliate with the Lifetime Affiliate, for all existing affiliates. And from what I know of the Lifetime Commissions add-on, this is not possible.

    However, we do offer custom development services, and I could definitely build that custom feature for you. Is this a feature that you need right away?

  • Alvin Gan

    can i know how much you would charge for such customization ?

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