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    • David

      Coupon codes and affiliate links – how to block the use of coupon codes on affiliate links.

    • Christian Freeman

      If you want to prevent customers that have been referred by an affiliate from using coupons, you can disable the coupon entry field with this code:

      // Hide coupon field on cart page if affiliate referral is detected
      function affwp_wc_hide_coupon_field_for_referrals( $enabled ) {
      if ( affiliate_wp()->tracking->was_referred() ) {
      $enabled = false;
      return $enabled;
      add_filter( ‘woocommerce_coupons_enabled’, ‘affwp_wc_hide_coupon_field_for_referrals’ );
    • kevinsmith

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    • Arnoldas Bruzas

      dynamic coupons is a feature of AffiliateWP, but it doesn’t logically work well with MLM system.
      If one random referral somehow received a dynamic coupon code from affiliate that is not his parent affiliate, the affiliate who owns that coupon will receive commission, but not affiliate who actually invited referral. I was searching for solution but its probably MLM issue, not AffiliateWP. Could there be some solution? Maybe some php snippet? How to make referrers target parent affiliate but not random affiliate with dynamic coupon? Or make coupon invalid in such cases?
      Hope I am clear with it.

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