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  • farmerchuck

    We need assistance with the settings for our situation.

    We just need one level of sub-affiliates with no limit to the number. The main affiliate will refer people to the site to sign up using Gravity Forms which is in place of the default affiliate registration form. Those sub-affiliates will then promote products on the website to their customers using their affiliate URL.

    The main affiliate does not earn any commission for simply referring a sub-affiliate.

    When sales are made by the sub-affiliates, our default is for 5% of the sale (excluding shipping and taxes) goes to the main affiliate and then 25% to the sub-affiliate.

    We’re only using sub-affiliates in very specific cases. Most of the affiliates on the site will have no sub-affiliates.

    We’d like to be able to alter the commission structure on a per-affiliate basis, similar to how we can alter it with the main AffiliateWP.

    We also need to confirm how the Rate Settings in the MLM tab work. It seems to be sitewide and as mentioned, most affiliates have no sub-affiliates and we want to be able to manage them like we normally would in AffiliateWP.


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Based on what you described, you need a UniLevel Structure (Unlimited Width), with a Depth of 1. This will allow all Parent Affiliates to have 1 Level of Sub Affiliates below them (An unlimited number of Sub Affiliates).

    To ensure that no commissions are generated just for referring Sub Affiliates, disable the Sub Affiliate Referrals feature in the MLM tab of the settings.

    The referral commissions work a bit differently than what you’ve outlined. With MLM, the commissions are paid Upwards. What I mean is, when the Sub Affiliate refers a sale, the Sub Affiliate earns the Direct Referral Commission (This is the amount set in the core AffiliateWP plugin – Affiliates > Settings > General). Then, MLM looks to see if that referring affiliate has a Parent Affiliate, and if so, it creates an Indirect Referral.

    So, if you want the affiliate who refers the sale directly to earn 5%, you set that amount in Affiliates > Settings > General, and the Indirect Rate in Affiliates > Settings > MLM to 25% for the Parent. Otherwise, if you want the Parent Affiliate to earn 5%, you would set that as the Indirect Referral Rate in Affiliates > Settings > MLM, and the 25% would be set in Affiliates > Settings > General.

    If you only want to allow certain affiliates to have the ability to refer Sub Affiliates below them, you will need to use our AffiliateWP Ranks add-on. It has a new integration feature with MLM, which allows you to choose specific Ranks (Types) of affiliates that are allowed to have Sub Affiliates.

    Per-Affiliate Rates still apply to Direct Referrals, but Indirect Referrals created by MLM do not currently have a Per-Affiliate setting. This is on our Development Roadmap for a future feature, but I don’t have an estimate for when it will be released at this time.

    However, you can use Ranks to do something similar. Ranks integrates with MLM, so that you can create different types or categories for your affiliates. If you created a “Super Affiliate” Rank for example, you would have the ability to set the Direct and Indirect Commission Rates for each affiliate that has this Rank. And you would have the option of assigning this rank to each affiliate manually, or automatically (This would depend on your criteria for qualification).

    We do offer a Plugin Installation and Setup Service as well. In case you would like for one of our team members to handle the setup for you.

  • farmerchuck

    Thanks for the response. Couple of questions going through the setup.

    Do we need to assign a default affiliate since in most situations there will be no parent and most sales are made directly by the company?

    I don’t quite understand the Upline Basis field.

    Do we need to enter anything under Matrix Settings to create the UniLevel Structure other than using 1 for the Depth? Does Forced Matrix need to be checked? It doesn’t seem like we need to check that box.

    I think everything else is fine.


  • Christian Freeman

    No, the Default Affiliate is not required.

    The Upline Basis allows you to choose whether the Indirect Commissions should be based on the Direct Affiliate (The affiliate that directly referred them) or the Parent Affiliate (The affiliate they are connected to in the matrix/structure). It’s best to keep this at the default setting (Parent Affiliate) for most setups.

    Leave Forced Matrix unchecked, otherwise it will apply a fixed Width to your structure, which you don’t want. Also, leave Extra Branches at 0 and Cycles at 1.

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