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      say if there feature to disable new commission to a affliate,
      best can auto disable new commission for the affiliate if there is no self order for the month or from signup date to end of month of signup date. so when downline order something, he will not get commission. he only get commission when he also order something in signup date perior.

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi John,

      Requiring your affiliates to have a recurring monthly purchase to stay Active in order to collect their commissions, is the “Commission Compression” feature, which is on our Development Roadmap. With the latest update of MLM (1.0.4) I’ve created the foundation for this already.

      Basically, if an active affiliate makes a Direct Referral, and they have 5 Levels of Parent Affiliates in their Upline, but the affiliate on Level 3 (for example) is Inactive in AffiliateWP, the system will skip over that affiliate, and give their referral commission to the next affiliate above them (the Level 2 affiliate – if that affiliate is active).

      In order for Commission Compression to work as needed, I’m going to create a way to detect when an affiliate’s membership/subscription has been cancelled, or put on hold, and then change their affiliate status to Inactive automatically. And once they’ve made a payment, it will reactivate their affiliate status. There will also be a way to choose which subscription products/memberships to require to remain active in AffiliateWP.

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