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    • jtcote

      We would like to set up our affiliate program in the following manner and hoping this plugin will allow for such functionality.
      1) Unlimited width where a Parent Affiliate can have unlimited sub-affiliates directly below them.
      2) Affiliate Groups – where a group can have a unique commission structure as compared to the Global matrix
      3) Direct referral rates even if the Parent has sub-affiliates.
      Parent Affiliate – John (20% direct, 5% Indirect)
      Sub-Affiliates – Sam, George, Lisa (15%)
      If sub-affiliate Sam, George, Lisa makes a referral for sale of $100, they get a commission of 15%, and their Parent Affiliate, John gets a 5% commission.

      If John makes a referral sale of $100, he gets a 20% commission, even though he has sub-affiliates and overrides his parent affiliate rate of 15% because it was a direct referral.

      Please advise, I appreciate your time and prompt response.

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      Allow me to address your questions below:

      1) Yes, you can create a UniLevel (Unlimited Width) structure, by disabling Forced Matrix, and setting the Width to 0;

      2) The AffiliateWP Ranks add-on will give you the ability to categorize your affiliates into groups, with their own specific commission rates (Even Per-Level). However, there is no way to adjust the structure for each Rank (Width & Depth).

      3) The Direct Referral Rate applies to ALL sales that were referred by an affiliate directly. The Indirect Rate is the rate applied to the commission that is generated for the Parent Affiliate(s) above the Direct Referrer. So, if the Direct Rate is 20%, and the Indirect Rate is 5%, a total of 25% will be generated in commissions for that sale, if the Direct Referrer has a Parent Affiliate. If not, only the 20% Direct Referral commission will be generated.

      MLM does not currently have the ability to split the commission amount between the Direct Referrer and the Upline Parent Affiliates as you described (A 20% Direct Commission minus the 5% Indirect Commission would be a 15% Direct Commission, and a 5% Indirect Commission).

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