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  • teamoktoco

    Hey there,
    I am trying to make a 2 or 3 level deep mlm structure, with recurring payouts on subscriptions.
    Also I’d like the first referred sale of customer ID 11 to pay let’s say 60% commission, and let’s say 10% and 5% for respective upline. But every following recurring subscription sale would be a standard 20%, 15% 5%.

    I want this to incentive actively marketing to new users, and to attract new affiliates.
    Is this possible with any combination of your and AffiliateWp’s plugins?

    Thanks a million!

  • Christian Freeman


    The current version of the MLM add-on is compatible with the Recurring Referrals add-on, but it does not have an integration with it, which will allow you to control the Indirect Referral Rates for Indirect Commissions on Recurring Payments.

    So, it will apply the same commission rate for the first payment, and all subsequent payments. No, I don’t know of any other AffiliateWP add-ons that would make this possible.

    Also, if you plan to have Per-Level Rates set up (for Indirect Referrals), you should disable the Recurring Referral Rates setting, as this will override your rates in MLM.

    Another important note is, you should also use the Lifetime Commissions add-on. MLM integrates with Lifetime Commissions so that you can ensure that the Parent Affiliate (Usually the Referring Affiliate) is synchronized with the Lifetime Affiliate. This way, any further non-subscription purchases made by a Sub Affiliate, will still generate commissions for the Upline Parent Affiliates.

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