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  • halav

    I need a way to create a multi-level affiliate program with gravity forms. There are no products only forms involved. We will have two affiliates an economic developer(ED) and a lender. ED can have multiple lenders. Lenders could only have one ED. Lenders refer applicants to the site for a loan. Applicants submit an application and if the applicant gets approved lender gets a flat fee, ED gets 1 % of the loan, and the website gets 1% of the loan. We would like to be able to change the percentages and the flat fee. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would like a quote on development cost and consulting if possible.

    Can this be achieved using your plugin?

    Thank you!

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    And thank you for your interest in our AffiliateWP MLM add-on! Yes, you can use our MLM plugin to accomplish 90% of what you are trying to do here.

    The core AffiliateWP plugin has a Gravity Forms integration, which will allow you to create a Form, and automatically generate a Referral Commission when an affiliate refers someone who fills out the form. Our MLM add-on also supports the Gravity Forms integration, so you’ll be able to award a Flat fee to the Lender, and the 1% Indirect commission to the Economic Developer. You would also need our AffiliateWP Ranks add-on, which will allow you to classify your affiliates into these 2 types (ED and Lender).

    Then, you’ll be able to set specific Direct Commission Rates and Indirect Commission Rates for each type of affiliate, like so:

    Economic Developer Rank
    $500 Direct
    1% Indirect

    Lender Rank
    $200 Direct
    0% Indirect

    When it comes to your application, the Lender will refer the user to fill out the Gravity Form using their Referral Link, and you can use a Price Field on the Gravity Form to allow the applicant to set the amount of the loan they are applying for. AffiliateWP will then generate the flat rate Direct commission and MLM will generate a 1% Indirect commission based on the amount set in the price field. You can also use the Force Pending Referrals add-on to force ALL referrals into the Pending status when they are created. This will allow you to manually approve the applications, and then change the Referral Status to “Unpaid” (Ready to be paid out to the affiliate).

    Using the Default Rank setting, you can setup the Ranks add-on so that ALL new affiliates are assigned the Lender Rank upon affiliate registration. Then, you can manually choose which affiliates you wish to assign the ED Rank to using the Edit Affiliate screen.

    Another option which would be good for motivating your Lenders to get more approved applications, is to use the Performance Tracking system of our AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses add-on as well. This will allow you to automatically promote your Lenders to the ED Rank once they meet a specific goal that you set (50 referrals for example).

    The only thing that you would need custom development for, is the ability to allow affiliates with the ED Rank to refer Sub Affiliates, while disallowing Lenders to refer Sub Affiliates. If you want to have this developed, yes you would simply purchase our AffiliateWP Modification Service, which is based on my hourly rate for custom development services. This is normally $75 per hour, but recently I’ve been offering a discounted rate of $50 per hour to help our customers with their budget. With that said, here’s my initial quote for the project:

    Sub Affiliate Permissions (Per-Rank) [6 Development Hours x $50 = $300]
    Settings (3 Development Hours)
    Applying the Permissions (3 Development Hours)

    This will include settings which will allow you to choose which Ranks are allowed to refer Sub Affiliates below them.

    I can have the entire project completed within 10 to 14 days, including time for testing & debugging, etc.

    And lastly, to answer you initial question regarding the difference between our AffiliateWP MLM add-on and the Multi-Level Affiliates add-on. We actually worked together with the AffiliateWP Team to build our AffiliateWP MLM add-on, and it was the first MLM add-on for any affiliate plugin out there (in 2015). this means, that it is incredibly stable and reliable, since it was built to integrate as closely as possible with the core AffiliateWP system. Beyond that, our MLM plugin is designed to integrate with our other add-ons to create a complete MLM system.

    Let me know if you have any questions about anything we’ve discussed thus far.

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