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  • huzaifah

    1) I have affiliate A
    2) B register as sub-affiliate A
    3) C purchase from B’s link.
    4) A & B got a commission
    5) when I deleted affiliate B, the next purchase from C automatically will not give commission to A for sure.
    6) When C purchase from another affiliate link (let says affiliate D), the system did not detect D as the affiliate. So D did not get the commission.

    1) How do I make sure the system detect D as the new affiliate or parent to C?
    2) How do I assign C to a new affiliate?

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Huzaifah,

    To answer both of your questions, there are 2 ways that this can be done:

    1) Manually, by changing the Parent Affiliate from the Edit Affiliate screen. This option is already possible with the current version of MLM.

    2) Automatically Re-Assign the Sub Affiliates if the Parent gets deleted. This would require us to create a custom feature for that. We do offer custom development services, and I could certainly build that feature for you. Send me an email at propluginmarketplace[@]gmail[.]com, and I will send you a quote for how long it will take to complete the project, and what the cost will be.

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