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    • seresinerteses


      We have MLM and Bonus plugins activated:

      We need to create a bonus by Level depth like that:

      Bonus 1.1 –> 3 L1 sub-affiliates.
      Bonus 1.2 –> 3 L2 sub-affiliates.
      Bonus 1.3 –> 3 L3 sub-affiliates.

      Bonus 2.1 –> 6 L1 sub-affiliates.
      Bonus 2.2 –> 6 L2 sub-affiliates.
      Bonus 2.3 –> 6 L3 sub-affiliates.

      It is possible??

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      The current version of MLM and Performance Bonuses will only allow you to award a Bonus when the Parent Affiliate has Referred X Number of Sub Affiliates. It doesn’t allow you to specify on which Level. This is a feature that is on our Development Roadmap, but I don’t have an estimate for when it will be released at this time.

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