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    • T Fl

      Are there any options to award bonuses based on that users team performance?

      Like group volume (sales, earnings, something else..)

      From what I can see options are mostly tied to the affiliates personal achievements, but nothing like group volume, total downline sales/earnings, etc..

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      Yes, the current version of the Performance Tracking System only counts each affiliate’s individual performance. However, it is totally possible to upgrade the integration with MLM and add new Bonus Types based on Team Performance (Team Referrals, Team Earnings, etc.). We don’t currently have plans to add a feature like this any time soon, but it is on our Development Roadmap. We’re focusing on the next major update to Performance Bonuses, so this could be a few months away.

      Is this a feature that you need right away? If so, we do offer custom development services, and we could expedite the development of this feature, if needed.

    • T Fl

      Hi Christian, thanks for the reply.

      And yes we would need such feature for getting started.. or soon after that.

      Would love to see something like:

      Team performance
      based on earnings, referrals, etc.. just like individual has now

      Depth Counted
      like “how many levels deep is it counted (could be “deeper than MLM commission levels)

      So eg MLM is setup Unilevel with 1 level (so 2 levels in total including AffiliateWP)
      But team performance may count [unlimited] or [InputLevelsNumber] so every sub-sub.. affiliate below L1(L2) (down to [Input]) is also included/counted against team performance.

      50/50 Rule
      So that the strongest single leg may only count for 50% of requirement.. and the remaining needs to be fulfilled by other leg(s) to be qualified

      I think this truly is what could make your plugin/addon a more complete solution to MLM needs.
      (Apart from the “ongoing bonuses” and “bonus reports” which you mentioned to be in dev)

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