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    • cderek

      Hey guys, I hope all is well with everyone. I recently installed Affiliate MLM to my site and this is what I’m trying to accomplish.

      1. I run a members only website via WordPress and WooCommerce (I’m using the WooCommerce membership plugin). I have two different memberships: Mastermind Membership and Secret Society membership. I only want those who have a Secret Society membership to reap the benefits of Affiliate MLM. Is there a way to do that?

      2. I’m giving those with the Secret Society membership a percentage on their sub affiliates. In the MLM tab under Rate Settings -> Per Level Rates, should I use a whole number like “5” or use “.05” in the commission rate field when it comes to percentages?

      3. In the MLM tab, there is a section titled “Upline Basis”. It states “Should Indirect Referrals be awarded to the Referrer or the Parent?” My assumption is that the Referrer and Parent will get a commission (percentage of the profit) from the indirect referral. I’m not sure which one to choose.

      4. In the MLM tab, there is a section titled “Sub Affiliate Referrals”. It states “Click to allow commissions for referring new Sub Affiliates.” I assumed that the MLM plugin automatically create commissions for a persons sub affiliates. Do I need to click this option?

      5. In the Integrations tab, there is a section titled “MLM & Lifetime Commissions”. It states “Use the Lifetime Affiliate as the Referring Affiliate, or the Parent/Referring Affiliate as the Lifetime Affiliate.” I currently have the Lifetime Commissions plugin enabled. I want the person who got a referral to get lifetime commissions on who they referred and their sub-affiliates. Therefore, which option should I select?

      6. Do I need to use the Ranks Plugin to accomplish any of things above? Note: What separates the Mastermind Membership and Secret Society Membership are referrals. Everyone starts at the Mastermind Membership level which comes with a 20% commission on Level 0. Once they get 20 referrals, they now join the Secret Society and their commission increases to 30% on Level 0. Also, they get the benefits of the MLM downlines.

    • cderek

      Also, pretty please…. I need to have this set up by 1/1/2021 (I know, I’m late as hell with doing this)

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi there,

      Allow me to address your questions below:

      1) Yes, you can even set it up so that only those with the Secret Society Membership can have Sub Affiliates at all.

      2) You would use a whole number as the Indirect Rate, and set Percentage as the Indirect Rate Type.

      3) I recommend leaving this set to the default option “Parent”. This ensures that the Parent Affiliate who the Sub Affiliate is connected to, receives the Indirect Commissions.

      4) I would leave this disabled. It awards a Flat rate commission whenever an Affiliate refers a new Sub Affiliate (Regardless of whether or not a sale is made).

      5) I recommend using the Parent as Lifetime option, to ensure that the Lifetime Affiliate and Parent Affiliate are always synchronized. This ensures that the Parent continues to receive commissions from purchases and referred sales of their Sub Affiliates. If you also want them to receive recurring commissions for each membership payment, you need to use the AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals add-on as well. MLM is designed to work with this add-on.

      6) Yes, you will need to use our AffiliateWP Ranks add-on to create a Mastermind Rank and a Secret Society Rank. Then, you set the Indirect Rate in the MLM tab to 0, and set the Per-Rank Indirect Rate for Secret Society to the Indirect Referral Commission amount you want to award when a Sub Affiliate refers a sale. You would set the Direct Rate of 30 Percent in the Ranks Table in the settings (Affiliates > Settings > Ranks), in the Row for the Secret Society Rank.

      Note: You should set the Mastermind Rank as the Default Rank, so all new affiliates will be assigned this Rank automatically.

      Optionally, you can use our Affiliate Sign Up Products add-on to only register them as an affiliate when they purchase the Mastermind membership. It can even automatically put their affiliate account on hold if their Membership payment needs to be renewed.

      If you don’t want to set all of this up yourself, we do offer a Plugin Installation and Setup service. The pricing is based on the number of plugins you want us to set up for you (See link for pricing).

      Please contact us for a quote on how soon we can finish this for you, and what the cost will be for the project, based on exactly which plugins you want use to set up, and how soon you need this done. We normally take 3*5 days for this on average, but if you need it expedited to have it done on January 1st (Same day, we would include a Priority Deliver fee.)

      And let me know if you have any other questions.

    • cderek

      Outstanding, I’m going to send an email now show that you can set it up.

    • cderek
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