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  • healthliving

    Hi, I am now using MLM to test commission splitting.
    I can successfully calculate commission based on the price of product.
    Yet, I would like to know if commission pool can be calculated based on profit or a specific part of the sales amount?

    For example, if the sales amount is $1000 and the affiliate matrix depth is about 100 levels, each with different percentage of affiliate commission, the final commission amount may easily approach $1000. This is quite uneconomical. Therefore, I would like to know if I can limit the total sum of commission to a specific amount/percentage, like 40% of the sales amount. In this way, no matter how many levels of affiliate and sub-affiliate are there, the total commission they receive will not exceed $400 when the sales amount is $1000.


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    We actually do have plans to develop a Dynamic Commissions feature on our Development Roadmap. This feature is planned to allow you to set a Max Commission Amount for each sale. This feature is supposed to then change the Indirect Commission amounts Per-Level, based on the Max Commission Amount. However, we didn’t consider simply adding in the Max Commission Amount, and using the current Indirect Referral Rate settings (Including Per-Level).

    This is a very good idea. This way, you could set a Flat or Percentage based Max Commission Amount, and the system would stop generating commissions on that sale, once the amount is reached.

    This feature is absolutely possible, but it would take some time to develop, as it would require adding this capability to each of the currently supported integrations (Wherever possible).

    I don’t have an estimate for when the Dynamic Commissions feature will be completed, but if you need the MAx Commission Amount feature for a particular integration immediately, we do offer custom development services, and I could certainly build that for you.

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