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  • fluttersocial


    I purchased AffiliateWP Invites a while back. The project was temporarily put on hold and I’m just now trying to get it rolling, but I’m experiencing several issues.

    1. Invites are not sending. The front-end invites tab says that invites have been sent, but they are not actually going out. Emails are going out from the site for all other notifications/plugins without issue, including AffiliateWP notifications. I can see AffiliateWP notifications in the sent box, but nothing for AffiliateWP Invites.

    2. The checkbox for “Enable Email Invites” a user doesn’t work. If I mark it checked, the box remains unchecked after saving. Even in the unchecked state, the user can still send email invites.

    3. If I uncheck “Message” next to “Allow Customization” the user can still customize the email message on the front end.

    I’ve stripped my installed plugins down to 4 core plugins: AffiliateWP, AffiliateWP Invites, S2Member, and WP Mail SMTP and switched my theme to twenty-seventeen, but the issues remain.

    Also, is there a way to reset the invite count for a single user and/or increase the number of invites for a single user?

    Thanks in advance for the support.

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    1) Hmmm, that’s strange. Have you tried sending invites with WP Mail SMTP deactivated?

    2) Do you have the “Enable Invite Emails for All Affiliates” setting checked? If you want to only allow a specific set of affiliates to send invites, you should leave this setting unchecked, and use the Per-Affiliate setting (Or Per-Rank Setting) to allow access to Invites.

    3) When you performed your test of the Message Customization feature, were you logged in as an admin user, or a user with another role like subscriber, author, etc.?

    We don’t have an option for Per-Affiliate Invite Limits yet, but the feature is on our Development Roadmap for sure. This feature will be released in the next update for Invites, but I don’t have an ETA for when that will be released at this time.

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