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    • Bradley Maravalli

      I want each affiliate to make 10% on each sub-affiliate referral. And each sub-affiliates to make 0% on each referral.

      In short, all commissions should go to the top affiliate. How do I do this?

    • Christian Freeman

      Hi Bradley,

      By default, AffiliateWP is designed to award a Direct Referral Commission whenever an affiliate refers a sale in your store. MLM will enable you to award the 10% Indirect Referral Commission to the Parent Affiliate, when a Sub Affiliate refers a sale.

      In the MLM tab (Affiliates > Settings > MLM) you set the Indirect Referral Rate to 10 and Percentage as the Indirect Rate Type.

      If you want to set ALL Direct Referral Commissions to 0%, and only allow Indirect Referral Commissions, you can simply set the Direct Referral Rate in Affiliates > Settings > General to 0.

      Note: Ensure that the Ignore Zero Amount Referrals setting is disabled (Affiliates > Settings > Misc). If enabled, it will prevent MLM from generating the Indirect Commissions.

      On the other hand, if you only want to apply the 0% Direct Commission to Sub Affiliates, it would require some custom development. We do offer custom development services, so if this is what you need, let me know.

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