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      This Feature is awesome, and honestly is crucial to how I will be structuring my website.
      I am also wondering if additional to parameters like “referrals made, Earnings accumulated,and Sub affiliate referrals” can there be a method to determine what products a user has purchased and use this to determine a rank?

      My best case scenario:

      User comes to my page, creates a free account, and can only see 1 Product. with purchase of said product, their rank changes, and they are able to see different products. With purchase of those products, their ranks change, and further access to the site content is given.

    • Christian Freeman

      Hey Andrew,

      We plan to add this Access Control feature to our next major update of the Ranks add-on. I don’t have an ETA for this right now, due to the sizable amount of development time that is currently going towards finishing the major update for MLM (Version 1.1, which will be ready within the next 30 days). But after that point, I’ll be able to give an estimate on how quickly I can finish the Ranks update.

      I like the idea of adding Rank Type based on Products Purchased. This is definitely possible, the only challenge is in designing the interface to support product entry for all of the supported eCommerce integrations. I will definitely add this to our Development Roadmap as I figure out a way to implement this.

      Thanks again for the feedback!

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