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Getting Started with AffiliateWP Ranks

Getting Started with AffiliateWP Ranks

About AffiliateWP Ranks

Take your affiliate program to the next level, by creating a ranking system for your affiliates! AffiliateWP Ranks is the only AffiliateWP add-on that lets you create ranks that can be used to group your affiliates into categories or levels. By classifying your affiliates into separate ranks, you can control how each affiliate interacts with your affiliate program, based on their rank.

Have you ever wanted to change the commission rate just for a few select affiliates? With AffiliateWP Ranks, you can! Each rank is a powerful tool that can be used to assign an affiliate to a different commission level with it’s own individual commission rate. Now there’s no need to set each affiliate’s commission rate individually. To apply the commission rate to that affiliate, simply create the rank, and assign the affiliate to it. It’s that easy!

With the built-in AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses integration, this ranks plugin taps into the advanced performance tracking system of the Performance Bonuses add-on. This takes care of the rank assignment for you. You can easily set specific performance requirements for each rank, and just like bonuses, you can automatically assign a rank once they’ve reached the set amount of Referrals, Earnings, or Sub-Affiliate Referrals (with the AffiliateWP MLM integration). And that’s not all, you can even award a special bonus commission to your affiliates when they get promoted to the rank that you choose!


How AffiliateWP Ranks Works

Getting to know how AffiliateWP Ranks works will help you determine how to best configure the plugin to suit the needs of your website. This plugin serves 4 main functions in your Affiliate Program:

  1. It assigns a rank to your affiliates
  2. It changes each affiliate’s commission rate based on their rank
  3. It displays each affiliate’s rank in the Affiliate Area
  4. It checks for automatic rank assignment based on your performance requirements

Assigning Ranks

Once you’ve configured some ranks in the settings, this plugin enables you to set an affiliate’s rank Manually or Automatically. The manual method allows you to easily assign any rank that you choose to an affiliate via the Edit Affiliate screen. The automatic way taps into the performance tracking system of AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses to see if an affiliate has met the requirements for each rank.

Note: The AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses addon is required to enable the Automatic Rank Assignment feature.

Rank Checks

Just like Performance Bonuses, the Rank Type determines when and how the system will check to see if an affiliate qualifies for a new rank.

For Referral based Ranks, the plugin will check to see if an affiliate has earned a rank whenever they refer a sale, and an unpaid referral is generated in the system. Based on your Referral Calculation settings, you can choose whether you want it to check before or after the referral is marked as paid.

With Earnings based Ranks, the same thing applies. Based on your Earnings Calculation settings, It will check whenever an unpaid referral is created, or when marking a referral as paid.

Note: These settings are configured in the Bonuses tab to keep performance calculations consistent for bonuses and ranks.

Per-Rank Rates

The Ranks plugin allows you to decide how affiliates with a certain rank will be compensated for Direct Referrals (Referrals they’ve made directly). This can be either a Flat rate, or a Percentage of the sale amount.

Note: For each affiliate that has a rank, you can view their Per-Rank Rate in the Rate Column of the AffiliateWP Admin Area found at Affiliates > Affiliates.

The Affiliate Rank Display

AffiliateWP Ranks displays the current affiliate’s Rank in the Affiliate Dashboard of the Affiliate Area. Your affiliates can also see the Last Rank they’ve had, and if you’ve setup your ranks in Level Mode, they will be able to see the Next Rank they will earn, based on the Rank Order you’ve set.

Note: This feature is being upgraded to display a progress bar that depicts how close the affiliate is to earning the next rank. It will also show the requirements for the next rank.

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