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Getting Started with AffiliateWP MLM

Getting Started with AffiliateWP MLM

About AffiliateWP MLM

Now you can turn your Affiliate Network into a full blown Multi Level Marketing system, right inside your WordPress website! AffiliateWP MLM is an add-on for AffiliateWP that will allow you to run your own simple Matrix MLM program and pay your members to sell your products and services on your site! It is a complete affiliate recruitment, management, and tracking system.

This plugin allows your site members to send traffic to your MLM site using their referral links. You can set multiple commission levels to reward those affiliates that are more actively promoting the products and services on your MLM site. As members promote your site using their referral links, any sales that are made as a result, will generate a commission to your affiliates based on your MLM settings. Your affiliates can earn commissions on both Direct Referrals that they made themselves, and Indirect Referrals made by their Sub Affiliates. This allows your affiliates to earn commissions from multiple sales by simply referring just one person to your website!

Once activated, the plugin will track new affiliate registrations on your MLM site and automatically place them in the Matrix. Then, they will earn commissions based on this Matrix structure. For example, if you set up a 3×5 Forced Matrix, your affiliates can have 3 Sub Affiliates on their 1st Level (width), and can earn commissions up to 5 levels deep (depth). After the maximum width of 3 is reached, all future referrals will be placed under the next available Sub Affiliate in their Matrix, top to bottom, left to right, building their downline to 5 Levels. So, each of those 3 Sub Affiliates can have 3 Sub Affiliates of their own, and so on, for a full 5 Levels! This turns your WordPress powered site into an automated salesforce for your online business!


How AffiliateWP MLM Works

Understanding exactly how AffiliateWP MLM works will give you a better idea of how to best utilize the included features for your website. The important thing to know is that AffiliateWP MLM serves 3 main functions in your Affiliate Program:

  1. It connects new Sub Affiliates to Parent Affiliates
  2. It creates 2 Types of Referrals
  3. It displays each affiliate’s Sub Affiliates and their Indirect Referrals

Affiliate Connections

When an affiliate refers another affiliate, who then signs up for your affiliate program via the Affiliate Registration Form, AffiliateWP MLM connects the new Sub Affiliate to the Parent Affiliate that Directly Referred them.

In this case, the Direct Affiliate and the Parent Affiliate are one and the same. In situations where you have Forced Matrix settings enabled, and the Direct Affiliate already has the maximum number of Sub Affiliates on Level 1, the new Sub Affiliate will be assigned to a Parent Affiliate below – one that has not reached the maximum yet. In the MLM world, this is what is known as Spillover.


Referral Types

AffiliateWP MLM automatically categorizes referrals into 2 types:

Direct Referrals

This is the default referral type that is managed by the core AffiliateWP settings in Affiliates → Settings → General. It consists of Sales that were Directly Referred by an Affiliate through their tracking cookie, a coupon, etc.

Indirect Referrals

These referrals are managed by the AffiliateWP MLM settings in Affiliates → Settings → MLM. This type of referral is created when a Sub Affiliate Directly Refers a Sale. AffiliateWP MLM detects the Sub Affiliate’s Direct Referral, and it automatically creates Indirect Referrals for each Upline Parent Affiliate in the Direct Affiliate’s Personal Matrix.


The Sub Affiliates Tab

AffiliateWP MLM adds a new Sub Affiliates tab to the Affiliate area. This allows each affiliate to view a list of the Sub Affiliates that are assigned to them. Like the Edit Affiliate screen, it shows the same 3 columns of Sub Affiliate information:

ID – The Affiliate’s ID

Name – The Affiliates Name

Sub Affiliates – The Affiliate’s Sub Affiliates Count

Indirect Referrals

The affiliate can also see a front-end listing of all of the referrals that were awarded to them due to the efforts of their Sub Affiliates. Keep in mind, this table only shows Accepted referrals. Each of the indirect referrals listed here, provide the following information:

Amount – The commission amount that the affiliate received

Description – The name of the Product/Membership that was purchased & the Sub Affiliate Level that the sale was generated on

Status – Paid, Unpaid, or Rejected

Date – The date that the referral was created

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