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Configuring AffiliateWP Ranks Settings

Configuring AffiliateWP Ranks Settings

AffiliateWP Ranks Settings

Rank Settings

Default Rank

Once you’ve created at least one rank, this setting will allow you to choose a rank to give all new affiliates after they register to become an affiliate. This default rank will be assigned whether they register automatically during checkout, or if they signup through the Affiliate Registration Form. To set a default rank, simply select a rank from the dropdown list.

Rank Rules

This is where you get to define the rules for each rank. Here’s a breakdown of the settings that can be configured for each of your ranks:


This is a unique identifier that is automatically generated for each rank that you create. The system uses this number to check for a particular rank, and to assign that rank to an affiliate. It’s also used to acquire all of the settings data that is associated with the rank.

Note: Do not change this number, or the system won’t be able to tell when an affiliate has already earned the rank that you’ve changed.


This setting only applies to ranks that are in Level Mode. It allows you to decide the order in which an affiliate must earn a specific rank. So if an affiliate has not earned the rank with the Order of 1, they can’t earn the rank with an Order of 2.


This field allows you to give your rank a name to serve as a more user-friendly identifier for your affiliates. (Eg. “Team Leader”, “Super Affiliate”, or “Sales Director”)


This setting allows you to change the way that a rank works, based on the way in which you plan to use it. There are 2 possible Rank Modes that you can set:

Category – Bonuses based on the number of referrals an affiliate has

Level – Bonuses based on the amount of commissions an affiliate has earned


This setting allows you to choose the performance criteria that automatically assigns the rank. There are 2 standard Rank Types, and 1 that is only available when AffiliateWP MLM is activated:

Referral – Ranks based on the number of referrals an affiliate has

Earnings – Ranks based on the amount of commissions an affiliate has earned

Sub Affiliate – Ranks based on the number of Sub Affiliates an affiliate has directly referred (MLM Integration)


This is the threshold that the affiliate must meet or exceed in order to be assigned the rank. For Earnings-based Ranks, enter the amount of money that an affiliate must earn. And for Referral-based Ranks or Sub Affiliate based Ranks, enter the number of referrals or directly referred Sub Affiliates an affiliate must have.


This is the commission rate to be applied to all affiliates with a particular rank.

Rate Type

Here, you can choose how to calculate commissions for affiliates with a certain rank. It can be based on a Percentage of the sale, or it can be set as a Flat rate amount.

To begin adding a New Rank

  1. Click the Add New Rank button at the bottom of the table.
  2. Then, enter the rules for your rank.
  3. Click the Save Changes button, and the rank will be saved.

To Remove a Rank

  1. Click the X in the Delete column beside the rank you want to remove.
  2. Click the Save Changes button, and the rank will be removed.
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