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Configuring AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses Settings

Configuring AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses Settings

AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses Settings

Bonus Settings

Default Bonus Status

This setting allows you to moderate all bonus commissions that are awarded through your affiliate program. You can choose to either manually approve every bonus, or automatically approve them the moment they are created using the options below:

  • Unpaid – The status for approved bonus commissions
  • Pending – The status for bonus commissions that are awaiting moderation

Referral Calculation

Here, you can decide how to calculate bonuses that are based on an affiliate’s referral count. With this setting, you have the ability to include only the referrals that have been paid out, you can count only unpaid referrals, or you can count both unpaid and paid referrals.

  • Paid – Count referrals that have been marked as paid
  • Unpaid – Include unpaid referrals only
  • Total – Calculate both unpaid and paid referrals

Earnings Calculation

Much like the one above, this setting allows you to determine how to calculate bonuses. But here, calculations are based on an affiliate’s earnings in dollar amounts. You can base earnings bonus calculations off of commissions that have been paid to the affiliate, you can count earnings that have not been paid yet, or you can count both unpaid and paid earnings.

  • Paid – Count earnings that have already been paid
  • Unpaid – Include unpaid earnings only
  • Total – Calculate both unpaid and paid earnings

Bonus Rules

This is where the magic happens. Here, you get to define the rules for each bonus. Here’s a breakdown of the settings that can be configured for each bonus:


Here you can specify whether or not you want a particular bonus to be earned at all. By checking this box, you can activate the bonus, and allow your affiliates to see it in their Affiliate Area, and if they meet the performance requirements, earn the bonus. When unchecked, the bonus is no longer visible to your affiliates, and bonus commissions cannot be awarded for this bonus.


This is a unique identifier that is automatically generated for each bonus that you create. The system uses this number to log each affiliate’s bonus progress, and to check to see if an affiliate qualifies for a particular bonus.

Note: Do not change this number, or the system won’t be able to tell when an affiliate has already earned the bonus that you’ve changed.


This field allows you to give your bonus a name to serve as a more user-friendly identifier for your affiliates.(Eg. “Top Earner” for when an affiliate has earned $5,000 or more)


This setting allows you to choose the action that triggers the bonus. There are 2 standard Bonus Types, and 1 that is only available when AffiliateWP MLM is activated:

Referral – Bonuses based on the number of referrals an affiliate has

Earnings – Bonuses based on the amount of commissions an affiliate has earned

Sub Affiliate – Bonuses based on the number of Sub Affiliates an affiliate has directly referred (MLM Integration)

Rank Promotion – Bonuses based on the affiliate’s current rank (Ranks Integration)


This is the threshold that the affiliate must meet or exceed in order to be awarded the bonus. For Earnings Bonuses, enter the amount of money that an affiliate must earn. And for Referral or Sub Affiliate Bonuses, enter the number of referrals or directly referred Sub Affiliates an affiliate must have. For Rank Promotion Bonuses, enter the Rank ID of the rank that your affiliates must be promoted to.


This select box allows you to optionally require an affiliate to earn one bonus, before they can earn another bonus. So basically, an affiliate must meet the requirements for both bonuses, in order to earn the bonus commission. Only active bonuses are available for selection, and you can require any bonus, regardless of its type.


This is the monetary amount that you wish to award to the affiliate for their exceptional performance in meeting the requirements that you’ve set.

To begin adding a New Bonus

  1. Click the Add New Bonus button at the bottom of the table.
  2. Then, enter the rules for your bonus.
  3. Click the Save Changes button, and the bonus will be saved.
  4. Check the Activate box next to the bonus that you want to allow affiliates to earn.
  5. Click Save Changes again, and the Bonus ID will be saved and activated.

To Remove a Bonus

  1. Click the X in the Delete column beside the bonus you want to remove.
  2. Click the Save Changes button, and the bonus will be removed.
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