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Configuring AffiliateWP MLM Settings

Configuring AffiliateWP MLM Settings

General Settings


Check the box to enable or disable Indirect Referrals for your desired AffiliateWP integration. If you have multiple integrations enabled in the Integrations tab of the AffiliateWP Settings, this will allow you to enable Indirect Referrals for one integration (eg. Paid Memberships Pro), while limiting the purchases made through other integrations (eg. WooCommerce) to Direct Referrals only, if left unchecked.

Note: Make sure that you enable your chosen integration in the Integrations tab first. Otherwise, AffiliateWP will not create referrals using these integrations at all.

Default Affiliate

This is the optional fallback affiliate that will automatically receive the referral, if there is no referral found after checkout or signup. This makes sure that all non-referred affiliates are assigned to the chosen affiliate. Enter that affiliate’s Affiliate ID.


Matrix Settings

Here you will find the settings that control the structure of your affiliate program.

Forced Matrix

Checking this box will ensure that the Width and Depth values are used to determine who will receive the next Spillover referral, based on the affiliate that directly referred the sale.

Initial Width

Here you will enter the number of 1st level Sub Affiliates to allow for each Parent Affiliate. So, if you set this value to 3, and the Direct Referrer (eg. Affiliate A) has 3 Sub Affiliates (Affiliate B, C, and D), the next directly referred affiliate (eg. Affiliate E) will be assigned to one of the Sub Affiliates on the direct referrer’s 1st Level (eg. Affiliate B, C, or D). This new affiliate (eg. Affiliate E) is now on the direct referrer’s (eg. Affiliate A’s) 2nd Level.

Extra Branches

The value entered in this field determines the number of extra 1st Level Sub Affiliates a Parent Affiliate can have after their entire matrix is filled. So if you have the Initial Width set to 2, Extra Branches set to 1, and the Depth set to 2, the Parent Affiliate (eg. Affiliate A) can have a 3rd affiliate on Level 1 once all of their Sub Affiliates on Level 2 (Affiliate B, C, and D) have 2 Sub Affiliates of their own (Affiliate B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, and D2).


This is where you enter the number of Sub Affiliate Levels that you want to allow each Parent Affiliate to have.

Total Depth  

By enabling this feature, you can limit the Depth of the Total Matrix to the number of Sub Affiliate Levels that you have configured in the Depth setting.

Note: Don’t enable this feature with Forced Matrix, because it counteracts the rapid team building benefits that the Forced Matrix structure provides.


Rate Settings

Indirect Referral Rate Type

Here you can specify how the referral commission for Parent Affiliates will be calculated for sales referred on ALL Sub Affiliate Levels. You can choose to calculate the commission based on a Percentage of the sale, or set a Flat rate amount. This setting applies to Per Level Rates as well.

Indirect Referral Rate

This is a Global MLM Rate setting that is traditionally used if you want to apply the same commission rate for ALL Levels. However, it can work in conjunction with Per Level Rates as a fallback rate, under special circumstances.

Let’s say that you have your Matrix set to 3 Wide and 5 Deep. If you were to only set Per Level Rates for Levels 1-3, the global Indirect Rate will be applied to Levels 4 and 5 automatically. In this scenario, if you don’t set a Indirect Rate, Levels 4 and 5 will receive the Global Rate set in Affiliates → Settings → General.

Per Level Rates

Here you can set a different commission rate for each Sub Affiliate Level in the matrix. Remember, the number of Levels is completely up to you.

To begin adding a Level Rate

  1. Click the Add New Rate button at the bottom of the table.
  2. Then, enter the commission amount for the new Level that was added.
  3. Click the Save Changes button, and the Level Count on the left will update.

To Remove a Level Rate

  1. Make sure that you clear any value that you’ve entered for this Level.
  2. Click the X in the Delete column beside the Level Rate you want to remove.
  3. Click the Save Changes button, and the Level Count on the left will update.

When setting Per-Level Rates, it’s important to keep in mind that Per-Level Rates are based on each affiliate’s Personal Matrix, not the Overall Matrix. And within each affiliate’s Personal Matrix, Indirect Referral commissions travel Upwards to pay the Upline Parent Affiliates. So for simplicity, the Affiliate that Directly Referred the Sale should be viewed as Level 0.

The Per-Level Rate set for Level 1 is the commission rate used to create an Indirect Referral for the Direct Affiliate’s (Level 0’s) Parent Affiliate. Then, the rate set for Level 2 is the commission rate that Level 1’s Parent Affiliate will receive, and so on.

Using the settings below as an example:

  • Level 0 = 30%          The Direct Rate set in Affiliates → Settings → General.
  • Level 1 = 20%          Level 1’s Rate set in Affiliates → Settings → MLM
  • Level 2 = 10%          Level 2’s Rate set in Affiliates → Settings → MLM

If an affiliate on Level 20 of the Overall Matrix Directly Refers a sale of $100, they receive $30, their Parent Affiliate (Level 1) will receive $20, and the Grand Parent Affiliate (the affiliate 2 Levels Up from the Direct Affiliate) receives $10. This would be a total of $60 paid out on a $100 sale.

So once the Indirect Referral commission is generated for the Last Level in the Direct Affiliate’s Personal Matrix (Level 2 in this case), the system will stop generating referrals for Upline Parent Affiliates.


Affiliate Settings

To view Per-Affiliate settings, navigate to Affiliates → Affiliates and click Edit, located in the Actions column next to your chosen affiliate.

Parent Affiliate

This field contains the name of the affiliate that the current affiliate is assigned to. This may be set to the same affiliate as the Direct Affiliate, if the affiliate directly referred the current affiliate. The Parent Affiliate will only be different from the Direct Affiliate in cases where Forced Width Matrix settings caused the current affiliate to Spillover to the next level.

To reassign the current affiliate to another Parent Affiliate, click the Dropdown and enter the Name of the affiliate you want to assign them to. A list of matching affiliates will appear in the dropdown. Then, you simply click on the affiliate’s name in the list.

Direct Affiliate

This field shows the name of the affiliate that directly referred the current affiliate. It is recommended that you leave the Direct Affiliate as-is, so that they will receive credit for the sales that they referred. However there may be some situations where you may need or want to change this.

To change the current affiliate’s Direct Affiliate, click the Dropdown and a list of affiliates will appear in the dropdown. Then, you simply click on the affiliate’s name in the list.

Matrix Level

Here you can view the current affiliate’s Level in the Overall Matrix. This cannot be changed directly, but its value will automatically update if you change the Parent Affiliate.

Sub Affiliates

This area shows a list of the Sub Affiliates that are assigned to the current affiliate. It shows 3 columns of Sub Affiliate information:

ID – The Affiliate’s ID

Name – The Affiliates Name

Sub Affiliates – The Affiliate’s Sub Affiliates Count

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