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  • sarjad


    I try to make a forced matrix 2×3 with 3 extra branches so i set Initial Width = 2, Depth = 2, Extra Branches = 3, and cycles = 1, but it doesn’t work. When the matrix is full the next sub affiliate goes to the 3rd level even with Depth set to 2.

    Then i set Cycles to 3 but it adds extra branches from the beginning even if the matrix is empty. i don’t understand Cycles and can’t find it in plugin’s documentation.

    i don’t know what i’m doing wrong i need your help please 🙂

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Sarjad,

    I know we’ve resolved this via email, but just to let others know the difference between Extra Branches and Cycles:

    An Extra Branch is just 1 extra Sub Affiliate (On Level 1) and their Downline. So when I complete the 2 x 3, I can have a 3rd Sub Affiliate on Level 1, and their Downline is included in my matrix down to 3 Levels.

    A Cycle is a whole new matrix of 2 x 3. So, Cycle 1 is 2 x 3, and then Cycle 2 is another 2 x 3.

    To summarize, instead of adding a whole Matrix (A Cycle), it only adds 1 Downline Leg (An Extra Branch).

    I hope this helps.

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