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  • bodyspartan

    New to MLM and trying to set this up as a binary MLM.

    1 – What happens if I don’t check the box to force a matrix? What is the MLM setup?

    2 – What happens if I do the above and leave all of the boxes for depth and width set to zero?

    3 – What happens to payouts below the per level rates? Let’s say I have an unlimited depth but have only specified 10 levels of Per Level Rates?

    Thanks everyone!

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi there,

    To create a Binary structure, yes, you do need to enable the Forced Matrix. This will allow you to limit the Width of your structure to 2 (Set the Width to 2). Now, you do need to set a Depth. This is a safety feature to prevent you from generating more in commissions than you make on each sale.

    The Depth controls the number of Levels you have in your structure so, if you leave Depth empty, you won’t be able to have any Sub Affiliates.

    If you set the Depth to a higher number than the number of Levels you setup in the Per-Level Rates, it uses the Global Indirect Referral Rate and Rate Type.

    For more info on how this works, check out the AffiliateWP MLM documentation.

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