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  • Steven Potter

    Is there a way we could show or print out a Tree showing all affiliates and their subs in one big tree

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Steve,

    You can use the following shortcode to display the Tree of Sub Affiliates for the affiliate at the top of your structure:

    [sub_affiliates affiliate_id="1" levels="100"]

    You would change the affiliate_id value above to the ID of the affiliate that sits at the top of your Matrix/Structure. Then, you change the levels parameter to the number of Sub Affiliate Levels that you wish to display.

    This only works if you have an affiliate at the top, and this is usually the Default Affiliate.

  • Steven Potter

    this works sooo well, our affiliates are loving it and we all love your work, so well done.
    Now just got to figure out how to get rid of the sidebar on the page so we can see more of it.
    Thanks again.

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