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  • jaholin

    I want to set the MLM as unlimited width and depth 2. I’ve set the following:

    Upline Basis: Referrer
    Sub Affiliate Referrals: true
    Forced Matrix: false
    Initial Width:
    Depth: 2
    Extra Branches:
    Cycles: 1

    Is this correct for what I want?

  • jaholin

    Hi, can I get an answer to this?

  • Christian Freeman


    And sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you settings are correct. By leaving the Forced Matrix unchecked, you are creating an Unlimited Width (Unilevel) Structure. And a Depth of 2 Levels means that each Parent Affiliate will have the ability to have 2 Levels of Sub Affiliates below them. If you only want your affiliates to be able to have 1 Level below them, change the Depth to 1.

    I would also recommend that you set the Upline Basis to the Default (Parent).

    Sub Affiliate Referrals are just another way of compensating your affiliates for referring new Sub Affiliates without them having to purchase a product/membership. It allows you to set a commission to award every time they refer a new Sub Affiliate. If you only want to award commissions for sales they’ve referred, you should disable this feature.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

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