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  • nicko102030

    Hi there. My Direct Referral Rates from AffiliateWP are registering no problem, but the MLM Indirect Referral Rates (set both globally and Per Product)(Per Product is what i want to work…) are registerring $0 commissions/rates. The Referrals themselves are registering, the Parent downline is recording correctly, it’s just not paying any of the Flat USD Rates I’ve set for it. I’ve read through the documentation but it just seems like there might be a conflict somewhere.

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Nicko,

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. It doesn’t generate the commissions on $0 sales during testing. I did discuss this issue with the AffiliateWP Team a while back, but from what you’re saying, they found a way to fix this for Direct Referrals. With that said, it would only be a small adjustment for me to get our AffiliateWP MLM add-on to do the same. We are not in charge of development for the Multi-Level Affiliates add-on, but I do know that our MLM plugin does create the Indirect Referrals when using Test Mode to perform test purchases.

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