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    I am sure you are aware that MLM system is against the TOS of Paypal and other payment systems as well. Do you know how to play safe and still use Paypal to pay affiliates and not get account freeze?


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Jitendra,

    PayPal’s policy allows for up to 2 tiers, but they do have a few MLM companies that use their services, even though those companies have 5 or more tiers. So for compliance purposes, I would recommend setting up your structure for 2 Levels.

    I am in the process of finding a reputable and trustworthy payment processor that is more MLM-friendly, with features and services that equal Paypal and Stripe (E-wallet, Payment Gateway, etc).

    Once I find the right company to do this, I will be building an add-on that functions much like the PayPal and Stripe Payouts plugins do. I will also be developing payment gateways for this new payment processor for various plugins as well.

  • Zhao

    Hi, Christ

    When you mention 2 Levels, do you mean Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2 or just Level 0 and Level 1?

    Thank you for your time.


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Simon,

    I mean 2 Levels in total (Level 0 and Level 1).

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