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  • splus

    I have purchased AffiliateWP & MLM to run a MLM business.
    I am selling digital book using Easy Digital Download.
    It is a pure MLM Unilevel compensation plan with 5 levels deep.
    Member must join as affiliate and purchase a book which cost $100.
    Member only get Level commission. (No ranking or other types of commission)

    Level 1- 20%
    Level 2- 20%
    Level 3- 10%
    Level 4- 10%
    Level 5- 5%

    My questions:

    1. Since this is a pure MLM business which affiliate must purchase a book to join my business.
    Should I just set the above commission rate in the Affiliate-Setting-MLM only?

    Referral Rate 0

    Level 1- 20%
    Level 2- 20%
    Level 3- 10%
    Level 4- 10%
    Level 5- 5%

  • Christian Freeman

    Sorry for the delayed response. Just to let you know, you should post to the Plugin Support Forum for the plugin you are requesting support for (AffiliateWP MLM in this case). By posting here in the General Support Forum, it takes longer to receive a response because the plugin developer (Myself in this case) will not receive the notification for your post.

    Actually no, you should definitely set a commission rate for the Direct Referral in Affiliates > Settinga > General. The reason for this, is that:

    A) In order for MLM to create Indirect Referrals for the Upline Parent Affiliates, the Direct Referral must be created first.
    B) If one of your affiliates purchases a book, the person that referred them (Their Parent Affiliate) will receive a Direct Referral Commission, and the Indirect Referral Commissions will be paid to the Upline Parent Affiliates.

    So, if your goal is to have 5 Levels in total, you should set the Depth to 4 (For 4 Levels of Sub Affiliates) and your Commission Rates like so:

    Affiliates > Settings > General
    Level 0 – 20%

    Affiliates > Settings > MLM
    Level 1 – 20%
    Level 2 – 10%
    Level 3 – 10%
    Level 4 – 5%

    Let me know if this makes sense, or if you need further assistance.

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