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  • zenerry

    Hi everybody,
    I’ve just bought your MLM and Variable rates plugins but I can’t reach a correct configuration for me.
    I’m looking for this scheme:
    Fixed Rate products sold in first Level +
    1st Level: 10%
    2nd Level: 5%
    3rd Level: 2%

    So, if the 3rd one sells a product (by its link) it will received the fixed rate and people above him will receive their comission.

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Zennery,

    I don’t quite understand how you’re trying to set this up. Can you please explain in more detail?

    Just to give you an idea of how Variable Rates works, it only applies the Variable Rate when an affiliate refers a sale where the amount of the order falls within the price ranges you’ve set. So, if you setup a variable rate of 50% for referred orders that are between $100 and $200, the affiliate’s commission rate will be 50%.

    Then, with the built in MLM integration, you can set Per-Level Rates to apply to the upline’s commissions when their Sub Affiliate refers an order with an amount that falls within that price range ($100 and $200).

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