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  • nakomajoe

    I’d like to find a way to exclude one single product from being considered for compensation. In this case my item has an ID of 417. Is there a place in your code that I could simply add an early return if the sold product had that ID?

    Or is there an easier way?

    I would like no one to get paid commission at all at any level. Also, I would like to not break the ability to upgrade Affiliate WP and/or your code.

    Would I also have to make a change to code in Affiliate WP?

  • Christian Freeman

    I apologize for the delay, I didn’t receive the notification for your post.

    You can do this if the integration you are using supportsome it. In WooCommerce for example, you go to the Edit Product Screen and there is an AffiliateWP tab which has a check box for you to disable referral commissions on that product. A few of the membership plugin integrations have this ability, and work in the same way.

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