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  • kudaratskincare

    Hi there!
    I’m a little confused about the settings in ranks.

    Here’s how I have set it up (please see Ranks1.jpg image):
    4 levels for an affiliated based on their product sales. Do the rate (for example, 20) and rate type (percentage) mean that they are paid that percentage commission based upon their $ products sales? So, for instance, say they are in Level 1 and have $250 in product sales. Does this mean they are paid 20% of that $250?

    The reason I’m asking this is because of what’s below (please see Ranks2.jpg):
    This is where I get confused. Under Per-Level Rank Rates, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are listed. It says I can add additional per-level rank rates under the Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum levels. Is this the same thing as the per-level rates I built under the MLM (please see MLM1.jpg)? So, in other words, do I have to add all 5 levels of sub-affiliate commissions here too?

    I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks so much

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  • Christian Freeman

    Hey Wendi,

    Alright, the 1st thing I noticed that you need to add to your Ranks settings is the Order. You should add the order number for each Rank, so that the system can tell which order these Rank Levels go in, like so:

    Bronze = 1
    Silver = 2
    Gold = 3
    Platinum = 4

    To answer your first question, no. The Rate and Rate Type for each Rank is basically the Direct Referral Rate (and Rate Type) for ALL affiliates with that particular Rank. This overrides the default Direct Referral Rate (and Type) you have set in Affiliates > Settings > General (based on the affiliate’s Rank). So, if they have the Bronze Rank, they will receive a 20% Direct Referral Commission on the sale amount when they refer a sale directly.

    Regarding the Rank Type Settings, you should change it to Earnings (like your Bonuses), since the Product Sales Rank Type is just like the Product Sales Bonus type I mentioned in our previous discussion. It only counts the number of sales of a particular product that you set, which is not what you want in this case.

    In reference to the Per-Level Rank Rates, yes, this is just like the Per-Level Rates you set in the MLM tab of the settings. The Per-Level Rank Rates give you the ability to override the Per-Level Rates that you have set in the MLM tab (which applies to ALL affiliates) based on the Rank of the affiliate. For example, if you wanted to allow Silver Ranked affiliates to earn higher commissions on Indirect Referrals, it would look something like this:

    Level 1 = 5%
    Level 2 = 4%
    Level 3 = 3%
    Level 4 = 2%
    Level 5 = 1%

    Level 1 = 10%
    Level 2 = 8%
    Level 3 = 6%
    Level 4 = 4%
    Level 5 = 2%

    So no, you don’t need to set these Per-Level Rates for each Rank, unless you want to adjust those Per-Level Rates for each Rank. Does that make sense?

    Again, let me know if you have any questions about all of this.

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