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  • mysourcing

    Just to explain my business model : my website is a kind of job board. I intend to reward people (referrals) who will refer new candidates (affiliates). I wan’t to do this till lever 4.
    For example : Fred talked with John, who comes and submit his resume on our site. If John should be recruited by one of our customers, Fred would earn 2% of John annual salary. And John would also get 2%.
    If John refers Peter on our site and if Peter is recruited, John will get 2%, Peter will get 2%, and Fred will get 1% of Peter’s annual salary, and so on to 4th level…
    I need to know for each new affiliate who his direct and undirect referrals are.
    I bought your tool and also affiliateWP MLM but after a few days I am not sure it can help. Or I cannot use your tool and I need your help

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi David,

    I’mean just following up on my previous email response:

    This can be setup quite simply assuming that Peter referred another customer/affiliate who purchases a subscription/membership:

    Affiliates > Settings > General
    2% Direct – Peter (Level 0)

    Per-Level Rates
    2% Indirect – John (Level 1)
    1% Indirect – Fred (Level 2)
    0.5% Indirect – Carl (Level 3)

    You should set your Depth to 3 to allow 3 Levels of Sub Affiliates.

    Just keep in mind that within the AffiliateWP system those commissions are on the sale of a product/subscription/membership. I don’t know how you would generate commissions on their salary.

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