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  • chrigu


    We have set up our Website the last days. We did lots of testing. Everything was working fine. We are now online since two days. A couple of minutes ago I have just seen a message “AffilateWP MLM is Deactivated”.
    So I just checked the settings pages. It says the API Key Status is Deactivated.

    What is going on here? We have customer online and we need a reliable system. Why can it just stop working?


  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Christoph,

    I can see that your license was activated on April 16th and later deactivated on April 24th. Normally, you have to take the action to deactivate your API on your site, or via your account on our site. I have no idea how it could possible deactivate itself, since it has to send a request from your server to deactivate the license, and it doesn’t do this automatically.

    The developer of the licensing system has released an update, so we are in the process of updating the licensing system now. This should make the licensing system more stable.

    In the meantime, don’t be alarmed. Your license is valid, and your license status has no effect on your ability to use the plugin. It only grants you access to updates and support.

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