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  • fastmoney

    Issues of assignment%, despite a thousand attempts we put 75% to the direct registered from my link on the track (I must have a maximum of 4 users for my system), then I have to take 20% from indirect and 15% from the third level and if I set a maximum of my 4 direct users if I register a fifth direct from my link it must go to fill the binary structure from left to right and I take only 5% while where it is assigned it will give the commissions of 75% to its sponsor on 20 % by his direct and 15% third level like me above if you see, in practice 75% direct registered x maximum 4 direct 20% by indirect and 15% by indirect third level and when we use the link and we have maximum 4 users in the direct track besides we cannot then them the 5 ° direct must end up under in my structure and give me only 5% … but we have set even in simple way 50% from direct 30% indirect and from third level 20% but yours system does not respect our imps appearances, for example an error is that if I put 50% direct on general setting and I am id1 user to me from 50% while with tests to users after me instead of giving 50% from 50 € … even if we make a order test from 20 € the system from 50 € commission … all busted tried and tried again following your guide but there are no solutions the system is busted and we have no time yet we had to go online September 1 we are still without the site that works correct …

  • Christian Freeman

    Hi Federico,

    I think I’m having a hard time understanding you with the Italian to English translation.

    I want to be clear about what you are saying the issue is, so that we can start the troubleshooting process to find out if the issue is being caused by our MLM plugin, the core AffiliateWP plugin, or one of the other plugins or theme on your website. It could really just be a case of user-error in how everything is setup.

    From what I do understand, you are having trouble with the commission rates. Can you tell me how you want your commission rates to be setup? And could you show me how your settings are configured now? If you could provide screenshots that would be great.


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