How It Works

How our Seller Program Works

The Pro Plugin Marketplace Seller Program is free, and open to all WordPress Plugin Authors. It allows Plugin Authors to open their very own Plugin Shop and sell their premium plugins on our Marketplace.

Becoming a Seller

To apply for the Seller Program, you must first become a member of the Pro Plugin Marketplace. Then, you must complete the Seller Registration Form, and submit the required tax documents. This form will allow you to provide your personal information, as well as information about your Plugin Shop. It will also give you the opportunity to provide us with your payment information, download tax documents and then upload the completed copies to us. By applying to become a Seller, you must agree to our Seller Program Guidelines, before submitting your application. Upon submission, we will assess your application, and let you know if you have been approved within 24 to 48 hours.

Once you’ve been approved, your Plugin Shop will go live! You will then be able to set up and manage your Shop from the Seller Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to see how your plugins are doing, and to track and measure the overall performance of your Plugin Shop.

From your Seller Dashboard, you can:

  • Brand Your Shop
  • Add and Manage Plugins
  • Track Orders
  • Review Customer Ratings
  • Manage Commissions & Payouts
  • View Sales Reports
  • Control Shop Settings

The Seller Center

Our Plugin Authors sometimes need additional information, support, guidance, and resources. That’s why, in addition to the Seller Dashboard, we offer Sellers a special area, called the Seller Center, where you will find essential information about shop management, plugin submission requirements, payments, and other important information about being a Pro Plugin Marketplace Seller.

Plugin Submissions

Adding plugins to your Shop is easy. From the Products tab on the Seller Dashboard, you can add as many plugins as you want. When you submit a plugin, however, we will put it through a review process before your plugin can go live on the Marketplace. During the review, we check each plugin to make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Plugin Details – You must provide specific details about the plugin, such as the plugin’s current version number, date of release, date of last update, minimum requirements, whether or not it’s Multisite compatible, if it’s translation ready, and list the languages the plugin comes in.
  • Description – You have to write a unique, clear, and detailed description of the plugin, what it does, and how it works. Your description must be original content, and should not be copied from your website or have been used on other sites on the web.
  • Features – All of the features that are available for your plugin must be listed and explained.
  • Screenshots – You must provide visual elements, in the form screenshots, of both the backend and the frontend of the plugin.


All plugins on the Pro Plugin Marketplace are sold by the license. The plugins that you submit to the Pro Plugin Marketplace must include a license that determines the conditions under which the buyer can use your plugin. When you ‘sell’ a plugin on our Marketplace, you’re not actually selling the software (code) itself, you are just making the plugin available to buyers to use under certain conditions. Those conditions make up the license that the buyer pays for.

Pro Plugin Marketplace offers Sellers 4 licensing options to choose from. Each license covers support and updates for a full year (according to the license type that is selected by the customer). Therefore, the plugins that you submit must meet our licensing requirements, but you do have the option to choose which pricing options you wish to offer for each license.

For more information about the different types of licenses we offer, and what is included for each, see our licensing section of Pro Plugin Marketplace’s Terms & Conditions.

And, last, but not least, your plugin must be 100% GPL-compatible. This means that all parts of your plugin need to be licensed under the GPL or a GPL-compatible license. This requirement is the industry standard within the WordPress community, and is also supported by the Pro Plugin Marketplace. While we stand by the terms of the GPL license, we also support creative works, and ask that any submissions to the Pro Plugin Marketplace be original works created by the original Plugin Author. We do not support “commercially’ distributing other people’s plugins.

Setting Prices

Pro Plugin Marketplace ONLY offers premium plugins to its members and visitors. That means that your plugin must have a price attached to it, whether it’s a pro version of a free plugin, a paid extension/add-on or just a premium base plugin. In the case of the “Freemium” model, you can only submit your “Pro” version to our Marketplace, not the free version. If your model is to sell add-ons, you can link to the base plugin in you description, and include its name under the plugin requirements, but you cannot submit it unless it is a premium plugin.

We give you the freedom to set your own prices for the plugins that you offer on your Plugin Shop. If, however, you price your plugin over what the market will pay, we will make recommendations to you about alternate pricing. If you agree with that price, we will update the price of your plugin to reflect the recommended price. But, in the end, the choice is yours, and we will honor your original price point.

You are also free to create custom variations (under our licensing model) for your plugins and add pricing options for each variation.

Support Systems

Pro Plugin Marketplace not only provides our Sellers with their very own Plugin Shops from which to sell their plugins, but we also provide you with all the tools you could possibly need to support (both pre-sale & post-sale) the plugins that you add to the Marketplace.

We provide you with a Demo Site which will allow you to create a Sandbox environment for each of your plugins to let potential customers take your plugin for a “test drive.” They will be able to “try before they buy” by testing both the backend and frontend features of your plugin. Once you’ve submitted your plugin to the Marketplace, you will be given instructions on how to setup a Demo for the plugin.

We keep a vast Knowledgebase of documentation articles on the Pro Plugin Marketplace, so that customers and potential customers can get as much information as needed to install and use the plugins we offer on the Marketplace. We require ALL Plugin Authors to submit documentation for their plugin upon approval.

Contact Author
Customers will sometimes need to contact our Sellers for whatever reasons. So, we have setup a messaging system which will allow Sellers to interact directly with their customers, should the need arise. Sellers are required to respond to customers via this system within a reasonable amount of time, and to manage their messages appropriately.

Pre-Sale Questions (FAQs)
We make sure that potential customers can get their questions answered by providing our Sellers with an FAQs feature for each plugin. This helps to boost your plugin sales by letting customers ask any questions they may have about your plugin, and wait for you — or maybe a customer that has already purchased that particular plugin— to give them all the information they need to complete their purchase. Sellers are responsible for answering all customer questions within this FAQ area.

Support Forum
All Pro Plugin Marketplace Sellers are required to provide support for their plugins. Therefore, an individual Support Forum is provided for each plugin sold on the Marketplace. This is an area where customers can get support for the plugins they have purchased. It is the Seller’s responsibility to ensure that support is provided in a timely manner, according to our Support Policy.

Changelog (Updates)
Sellers are expected to keep their plugins updated, because customers are paying for plugin support as well as updates as part of the purchase of a license. We provide Sellers with a Changelog so they can document their changes and updates. This Changelog can be seen by customers, on the Marketplace, to track the plugins progress and development. As Sellers update their plugins, they will submit those changes to us to update the Changelog accordingly.

Making Money as a Seller

Sellers instantly receive payment for each plugin sale at the time of the transaction. Sellers get 50% of each sale of their plugin(s) and the other 50% goes to Pro Plugin Marketplace, as a transaction fee, for maintaining systems, processing transactions, and marketing.

Our Seller Program gives WordPress Plugin Authors the ability to make a living from their craft. As a Seller, you can make an unlimited passive income. It’s all up to YOU!

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