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Getting Started with AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses

Getting Started with AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses

How AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses Works

Understanding exactly how AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses works will help you determine how to best configure the plugin to suit the needs of your website. The main thing to keep in mind is that AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses serves 3 main functions in your Affiliate Program:

  1. It checks for bonuses based on your bonus settings
  2. It awards bonus commissions when conditions have been met
  3. It displays each affiliate’s bonus progress and their bonus commissions

Bonus Checks

AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses is designed to check to see if an affiliate has met the requirements for each Active Bonus. When it checks for a particular bonus is ultimately determined by that Bonus’ Type,

For Referral Bonuses, the plugin will check to see if an affiliate has earned a bonus whenever they refer a sale, and an unpaid referral is generated in the system. Based on your Referral Calculation settings, you can choose whether you want it to check before or after the referral is marked as paid.

With Earnings Bonuses, the same thing applies. Based on your Earnings Calculation settings, It will check whenever an unpaid referral is created, or when marking a referral as paid.

Sub Affiliate Bonuses are a bit different. The system will check for this type of bonus when an affiliate Directly Refers another person who becomes a Sub Affiliate. It will also check when changing an affiliate’s status from Pending to Active.

For Rank Promotion Bonuses the system checks when an affiliate gains a rank with a higher Order than their previous rank.

Awarding Bonuses

AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses will automatically generate a bonus commission if an affiliate has met a particular bonus’ requirements. Once the affiliate qualifies for the bonus, and the bonus commission is awarded to them, the system will log the bonus as earned for that affiliate. The system will only allow an affiliate to earn a bonus One Time, so if it checks the affiliate’s Bonus Log, and finds that the affiliate has already earned that bonus, it will not award the bonus to the affiliate again.

Note: We are developing a new feature that adds the ability to create an Ongoing Bonus. This will allow affiliates to earn the same bonus on a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis.


The Bonuses Tab

AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses adds a new Bonuses tab to the Affiliate Area. This allows each affiliate to view all of the Active Bonuses in the system, how close they are to earning each bonus, as well as the Bonus Commissions that they’ve already earned. The top portion of the Bonuses tab displays the active bonuses. Each bonus displays the following information:

Amount – The monetary amount that the affiliate will receive

Name – The name of the bonus

Progress – A progress bar that shows how close the affiliate is to earning the bonus

Requirements – An explanation of what the affiliate must do to earn the bonus

Prerequisite – The name of the bonus that they must earn before they can earn the bonus

Bonus Commissions

The affiliate can also see a front-end listing of all of the bonuses that were awarded to them due to their performance. Keep in mind, this table only shows Accepted bonus commissions. Each of the bonuses listed here, provide the following information:

Amount – The commission amount that the affiliate received

Bonus – The name of the bonus that was awarded to the affiliate

Status – Paid, Unpaid, or Rejected

Date – The date that the bonus was awarded

About AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses

Boost your sales by rewarding your affiliates with special bonuses for meeting the performance goals that you’ve set. The Performance Bonuses add-on for AffiliateWP will enable you to create an unlimited number of bonuses based on Referrals, Earnings, and Sub-Affiliate Referrals (with AffiliateWP MLM integration). It will track the performance of each of your affiliates in real-time. And once one of your affiliates qualifies for a bonus, the system will automatically award them the appropriate bonus commissions!

Studies have shown that in sales positions, high performers are responsible for producing 67 percent more revenue than average performers. And in many cases, the only thing separating your average affiliates from your top affiliates is a lack of motivation. Now, with AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses, on top of the 25% sales commission you already give your affiliates, you can reward your “Super Affiliates” with an additional $20 performance bonus, for generating sales of $200 or more.

Yeah, you may pay your affiliates well already, but there’s nothing better than a cash reward when it comes to motivating your affiliates to become top performers, hit a specific goal, or reach a certain milestone. Performance Bonuses are a powerful and proven way to not only motivate your affiliates to put in extra time or effort to succeed, but also to keep them excited and happy to stay with your affiliate program.

We’ve created AffiliateWP Performance Bonuses to provide you with a simple tool that will allow you to use your affiliate program as a way to easily maximize the earnings of your online business.

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